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Creating New World in the Recruitment Industry


New World HR Consultancy L.L.C is a renowned company handling manpower supply to various industries.

We have completed a lot of successful contracts for very large companies who continue to be our esteemed clients.

We have a very strong reputation of providing quality people of all categories including unskilled, skilled, mid level and senior management staff.

Our commitment is to supply high quality staff at all levels with our guarantee.

We have good quality assured agents in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey etc.

H.R. Services Outsourcing Program:

Reduce cost, protect profits and improve your services with our comprehensive H.R. Outsourcing Program. Our Experience H.R Professionals can provide your company with:

Key Services:

Training and Development:

We take people with basic academic qualification and equip them with training and required skills to suit individual employer demands.

Recruitment and selection:

1) Preliminary Selection:

Our preliminary selection is based on using our database to match candidates to the employer’s specifications.

2) Interview:

We interview the selected candidates and short list them for the finalization process.

We do this by carrying out the following series of tests to further match candidates to the job description:

  • » Specific skilled tests.
  • » Psychometric Test (if required by the employer).
  • » Medical Test (performed by a certified medical authority) to meet international screening requirements.

Travel and Hospitality Services:

Travel Arrangements for the candidates, such as taking care of air tickets, clearance from local authorities.

After reaching destination, our representative officially hands over the selected candidates to the employer.

Orientation involves helping the selected candidates to get adapted to the new working environment in areas such as:

  • » Culture
  • » Climate and living conditions
  • » Food habits
  • » Local laws & regulations
  • » Health Services
  • » Language training (if necessary)

Periodic checking is performed by our representative to ensure that the candidates are have comfortable standards of living and working condition.

If necessary, our representative will act as a liaison between the candidates and their families back home.